Mission Statement

The NYU Center on U.S.-China Relations was launched to provide a venue for exploring the increasingly complex interaction between China and the United States.  It is the view of the founders and the Advisory Committee that this relationship has already become one of the most critical bilateral ties that the two countries face. Hence, it is essential that specialists and the general public in both the U.S. and China have available to them objective research that they can use for shaping future directions in policy.

The Center will focus predominantly on economic and foreign policy questions.  Although issues of culture, history, and language will be evaluated as they impact economic and foreign policy, they will not be the primary arenas of attention here.  There are a large number of East Asia and China Institutes already in existence which  cover Chinese cultural, social and historical questions.  Rather than duplicating that effort, the NYU Center’s focus will be on current policy problems.

The main activity of the Center will be research, with roughly one half of the effort devoted to economics and the other half to foreign policy questions.  Obviously, these two areas overlap as well, so there may be years in which the Center changes the mix of its programs.  The expectation is that most of the research will be conducted through commissioned papers which will appear in either journals or edited volumes.

In addition to commissioned research, the Center will support three other types of activities:  (1)  scholarships for field research for Chinese students to come to the U.S. and for NYU students to go to China;  (2)  sponsoring of events where presentations will focus on timely issues being debated by policy-makers in both countries; and  (3) scholarly exchanges where researchers  would benefit from on-site visits to the other country.